Immortelle -
Flower of Beauty and Youthfulness

According to Homer’s Odyssey, Ulysses was once shipwrecked on an island where he met divinely beautiful Nausicaa.The secret of her beauty was attributed to the eternal oil extracted from flowers that never fade, even once picked.

According to mythology even Greek god Apollo, whose statue stands at the gates of Delphi, wears a tiara made of special herbs to remind the world of his immortality. Even though these are only legends, still it is well known that there is a flower that never fades, even once picked. 

That flower is known as immortelle (lat. Helichrysum italicum), a domestic herb that grows on the rocky pastures of the Mediterranean coast, 60 cm high, with tight leafs and yellow flowers. Traditionally it has been used for treating asthma, migraines, liver and skin problems, best known for its anti-age effect.

It takes about 800 kg of flowers to produce just a liter of immortelle essential oil. The result is a yellowish-red oil that is commonly used for its fragrance and rejuvenation benefits.

Uses and Benefits

With only one drop of immortel oil you can go a long way.

Scars & Wrinkles

Whether used on new wounds or old, helichrysum can help tissue repair itself.
Helichrysum is a pretty effective natural antibiotic and antiseptic to use on minor cuts and abrasions.

Because of its ability to heal damaged tissue, it is widely used in anti-age products. It rejuvenates the look of older skin, healing and soothing inflamed and sensitive skin.

Helichrysum helps to prevent wrinkles, sagging and prevents and heals blemishes.

It will even help take care of dark circles under your eyes.

Helichrysum will soothe the effects of eczema and psoriasis.

Because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, Helichrysum oil helps to relieve minor injuries such as bruises and sprains. 

Emotional & Physical Detoxification

In aromatherapy, Helichrysum/Immortelle supports and cradles the psyche to work through difficult emotions, trauma, or issues that we have buried in the subconscious or qualities within ourselves we don’t like to acknowledge (the “shadow” in Jungian psychology).

It creates a nurturing environment that promotes inner calm and fosters spiritual practice.

It is thought to draw heavy metals and toxins out of the body, aiding in the healing of addictions and where there is emotional blockage. It has calming properties, helping one to release negative energy and stress to restore balance.

Respiratory Problems

Use it in a bath or in a diffuser to relieve congestion, asthma and bronchitis.

Helichrysum oil can help eliminate phlegm and mucous from your respiratory system, helping to rid you of nagging cough and restore comfortable, regular breathing. 

Karavana Estate

Place where noise stops and immortelle grows
Home of pure immortelle essential oil


Dealing with almost all plant cultures that are specific for this climate: Grape vine, olive trees, aromatic plants, the Karavana family has regenerated their estate today through the plantation of immortelle, the most precious plant of Dalmatian climate.

Healthy soils make a global difference and caring for the soil through generations is one of our main responsibility.

Wild Farming

The pure soil has been cultivated naturally for centuries in the valley near the sea. In this area, immortelles are growing from seedlings of wild immortelles, helichrysum italicum, as always.

Immortelle is treated as if it were in wild conditions on the estate of Karavana, without irrigation and fertilizer in order to achieve a high quality of a very valuable essential oil, which is produced by water distillation of immortelles.

One bush in each drop

Distillation of 1 liter of oil requires a huge amount of flowers ranging from 700 kg to 1 ton. A small bottle of 5 ml Karavana essential oil consists of 3,8 kg of immortelles.

One drop of immortele oil consists of one bush of immortele.

Luke Bay

Island of Brač

Latitude 43°20'6.03" N                                                                                           Longitude 16°47'58.07" E

Deer's antlers

One of the ancient names for Brač Island was Illyrian Brentos which means deer, thus representing a Deer island. Greek name for the island was Elaphusa, which is from elaphos – deer. Why was it named after dears when there were never any dears around?

If you are a sailor, like first visitors were, you would immediately know why. Like everything there, they are made of stone. Giant works of art. Deep, branched bays are deer’s antlers of Brač.

Natural harbour

Luke Bay is the secret and most beautiful antler on the Deer Island. It is almost a fjord. Well, Mediterranean fjord. It is known among sailors as a safe and extraordinary place to spend a night or a day (actually everyone stays much longer).

It is not a place. It is the latitude and longitude on our Planet which is defined only by it’s shape, beauty and purity. Natural harbour, full of fragrant and visual delights, clear sea, delicious food, meditative sounds, it is almost a dream.

Island herbs 

During hot summer nights, the intense smell of island herbs make you feel young again, lusting for freedom under the galaxy painted sky.

There are 103 different wild plants on Brač, and most of them you can find in this especially rich and relatively untouched ecosystem. Karavana family are growing aromatic plants in Luke Bay for more than one century.